8 Simple Exercises to get rid of Thigh Dimples

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Thigh Raise Exercise:

  • Lie flat on the floor with your face down and with your legs a little bit raised (around four inches from the ground).
  • Raise your legs without having your knees touch the ground and maintain the position for about five seconds.
  • Slowly go back to the initial position without fully touching the floor with your legs.
  • It is recommended that you repeat the movement for about ten times for every routine.

Side Squat with Band:

Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be used for a total body workout. They also offer you the option of using different levels of resistance depending on your fitness level. This exercise works on your inner and outer thighs, hips and bottom. You can do this exercise without the resistance band, but the band will further increase the efficacy of this exercise.

  • Stand while your feet are shoulder-width apart and tie a band around your lower legs.
  • Lift your left leg and step out to the left while pressing out against the resistance of the band.
  • When your left foot touches the floor, bend your knees into a deep squat.
  • Then stand up again and bring your feet back to shoulder-width apart.
  • Repeat – Either alternate legs or take 10 steps to the left and then 10 steps to the right.
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