5 Terrific Fitness Thighs Workouts At Home (BEST LEGS)

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Fitness Thighs Workouts At Home

We had 7 groups at our disposal for the experiment. Each group was composed of “at least” a dozen persons.

Best way to get statistically significant data fast.

And by doing THAT, we were able to isolate the top performing fitness thighs workouts you can do both at home (or at the gym if you prefer).

In specific, we achieved:

  • 16% Increase in lean mass (mostly around glutes and inner thighs)
  • 13% Loss in fat mass over the leg shape (yes, even around the knee cap)
  • 27% Increase in leg resistence on heavy duty stresses (not to mention flexibility)

So here’s the list of good leg workouts for women you can perfom during your leg day workout at home.

This list performed best for us. ASAP.

And we believe it will do the same for you…

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