2 Weeks Hard Core 6 Pack Abs Workout Challenge

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5- Clock Abs

Sit on yoga mat folding the knees and touching the floor with your legs. Lean back your upper body. Take the support from your arms keeping on floor folding the elbows. Now straight the legs up and take round rolling them like a clock. Do same on opposite direction. Do about 12 clock abs exercise

6- Hollow Rock

Lay down on yoga mat. Keep your one leg on another one and hold your hands together. Now rock your body from up to down and down to up. Do this hollow rock exercise for 15 times.

7- Single Leg Drop

Lay down straight on yoga mat. Lift the legs up straight. Now drop one leg without touching the floor. Bring it up in straight up position. Now drop another leg and bring it back. Do this single leg drop for 25 times.

8- Earthquake

Sit on yoga mat. Keep legs straight touching the floor and lean back upper body. Keep the arms straight on shoulder level. Hold in this position as much as you can. Take your arm up and down one by one for 10 times. Then get back your arms in straight position and stay in this position as long as you can.

Source: mylistoflove.info

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